Mar 4

Devil Pups - Donation Request


Edited: Mar 4


Its Southern Nevada Devil Pups season again! Below are links to a copy of our: NEW YLA Newsletter!

Please check out all our accomplishments from ALL our program successes last year!

SNDP/YLA Parent Informational Meeting flyer

for you to share with interested applicants/cadets! If you would like us to come and do a presentation at your school, please let us know!

SNDP Annual Donation Request letter As many of you know each year we host a 12-week training program that is the preliminary program to the 10-day Devil Pups encampment. We have had much success in this for the past 15 years’ with our stats as follows: 82% of our graduates attending college, 35% move forward with one of the military branches and 25% as a first responder!

All of this was made possible because of your undeniable and continuous support. This year, we are asking again. We need your help-donations have become more and more scarce over the past few years. Our continued goal in to help as many youths as possible. We do not want to have to turn teens away- they need us! Your donation will help make this opportunity to serve our youth possible!

Our belief is to keep teenagers continuously engaged in leadership throughout their high school career and into early adulthood. This is the YLA way! We empower today’s youth with self-confidence to achieve goals and success in life. Together, as a community, we can make a difference for our youth!  Thank you for your time and support! Devil Pups

Respectfully, Marie Tomao DPNQ, Marie Tomao Founder and CEO – YLA You can NEVER lose being kind! (702) 285-4142



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